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MANATI County Puerto Rico Florist
United States | Puerto Rico | MANATI
Occasions & Sentiments:

Get Well
Just Because
Love & Romance
New Baby
Fathers / Mothers Day
Thank You

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Flower Care Tips:

Orchids grow well in bright indirect sunlight and can produce flowers at anytime. Most orchids have sphagnum moss potting mix and should be kept evenly moist. Be careful not to over-water.

Peace Lily
Peace lilies need full sunlight away from drafts. When watering, drench the soil and allow it to dry between watering. Feed every two weeks during summer.

Philodendrons are poisonous if they are ingested, so do not keep them around children. They are easy-to-care-for plants and they like the indoors and grow best in indirect sunlight. Keep this plant's soil barely.

Flower History:

Flowers create a special language of their own. The meaning of flowers, herbs and leaves has been written about for centuries. Each book written may proclaim a different meaning, but the meaning of flowers are, after all, whatever you want them to be. The bloom of a dandelion given by a small child holds as much love as a rose given by a admirer. Various flowers can create interesting conversation. Definitions are dependant on color, size, buds or full blooms and whether they are alone, paired or in bouquets. A lot to remember when trying to pick just the right flower for someone special.

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