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MANATI County Puerto Rico Florist
United States | Puerto Rico | MANATI
Occasions & Sentiments:

Get Well
Just Because
Love & Romance
New Baby
Fathers / Mothers Day
Thank You

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Flower Care Tips:

Flowering Indoor Plants
Flowering plants are easy to care for provided you follow a few simple rules. They need good light, particularly in winter – so place them near an east or south-facing window. Most flowering plants grow best in moderate temperatures, away from radiators and drafts and they also enjoy humidity as high as possible. Increase humidity around the plant by placing it in a plant box or jardinière filled with moist peat moss.Keep an eye on the soil. If it is dry to the touch, add more water, making sure to wet the soil all the way down. If you keep flowering plants longer than six to eight weeks, some plant food should be added.

Flower History:

If you decide to give the gift of flowers, it will mean so much more if you're familiar with some of the meanings behind them. Imagine giving a bouquet of purple irises, crocuses, and ivy to your special someone on Valentine's Day, and being able to share that this was a traditional bouquet given on this day in Medieval times because the iris meant "heat aflame," the crocus, "joy," and the ivy ensured the recipient was wanted "above all others." A red carnation was delivered to a loved one who was absent, and snowdrops sent a message of the desire to rekindle an old romance.

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