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MANATI County Puerto Rico Florist
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Occasions & Sentiments:

Get Well
Just Because
Love & Romance
New Baby
Fathers / Mothers Day
Thank You

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Flower Care Tips:

Hand tied bouquet care
These are arranged for you and tied together, and the first rule is not to cut the binding string. It doesn't harm the flowers and it keeps the look of the bouquet.
If it's been delivered aqua packed (i.e. there's a bubble of water around the stems) hold the bouquet over a sink and cut the bottom off the film. This method of delivery is ideal for flowers which do not travel well or cannot withstand a lack of nourishment.
Many hand-tied bouquets feature stems which are open and flat. Gently lay the bouquet on the side and cut the stems at a 45 degree angle.
Select a vase with a neck wide enough to accommodate the bouquet and fill it with cold, clean water. Add a sachet of cut flower food and stir until dissolved. Place the hand tied bouquet in the vase taking care not to knock the flower heads.
Check the water level in the vase daily and top up if necessary. Change the water as often as you can , re-cutting the stems at the same time.Spray the arrangement with a gentle mist of water daily.

Flower History:

For women, flowers are an absolutely fail-safe romantic gift. Gentlemen, you cannot go wrong by buying your special someone a bouquet or a single stem of her favorite flower. Giving flowers to men can be tricky however. Some men would welcome this role reversal and appreciate the sentiment, while others would feel insulted, and perhaps a little wounded as well. So stop a moment and consider what you know about your partner so that you can make an educated decision. If you have your doubts, don't buy him flowers. There are plenty of other options.

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